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Annual WLPOA Lot Owners Meeting/Picnic


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SATURDAY, October 10, 2020


TELECONFERENCE:  Due to the logistics and restrictions that need to be in place for large gatherings during the Covid-19 pandemic, the WLPOA Board of Directors (BD) has decided that it would be best, for the safety and well-being of the WLPOA community, to cancel the picnic portion of the WLPOA annual meeting, and conduct the  Bylaws mandated business portion of the 2020/2021 annual meeting via teleconference.  By October 1, 2020, all WLPOPA members in good standing will receive an election ballot, and information on how to call in and participate in the teleconference on October 10, 2020.  The agenda for the teleconference will be to announce the results of the BD elections, and review the WLPOA annual report with teleconference participants.            

ELECTION:  Property owners in good standing can help preserve Weiden Lake and keep our community strong and dynamic by serving on the Board of Directors.  Board meetings (usually held via teleconference) and e-mail discussions require just an hour or two a month.  No experience is necessary just bring your talents and enthusiasm.  Being a Director is a great way to meet your neighbors and invest in the future of Weiden Lake.  If you are interested in running for a position on the Weiden Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors, please contact the WLPOA via email wlpoa@weidenlake.org, phone 641 715 3900   x73036, or regular mail WLPOA, PO Box 191, Narrowsburg, NY 12764 to have your name added to the ballot.

NOTE: Director nominations will need to be received by 09/15/20 in order to be included on the ballot, which will be distributed to the membership by 10/01/20.  Candidate must be at least 18 years of age, listed on a WLPOA property deed, and a WLPOA member in good standing.  Currently there are four nominated candidates for 7 open director positions.


ON LINE VOTING:  This year when ballots are received, a member will have the option of printing it out, completing it by hand and mailing it to the WLPOA, or the member can complete the ballot and submit it on line to the WLPOA.  There will be instructions on the ballot on how members can cast their vote.      

RSVP:  Please RSVP by EMAIL or PHONE by October 5, 2020 if you plan to participate in the teleconference. 
wlpoa@weidenlake.org PHONE: 641 715 3900   x73036


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